We take to research like a duck takes to water

As a testing company, we have helped to improve a new type of vacuum cleaner to cool the water that we use in connection with drilling and cutting jobs.

The vacuum cleaner purifies and recycles the water - again and again.

This development benefits both the environment and our work.

The vacuum cleaner holds 28 liters of water and in many cases, this feature makes the cleaner independent of a connection to water supply.

This means farewell to long pipes and the hassle of using pressure pans in hard-to-reach places.

Not even power limits the vacuum cleaner - nor us - as it runs with ordinary 220V.

The vacuum cleaner can be used for most drilling tasks and some cutting jobs.

We hope, that in the future it will be part of our standard equipment in all our cars. We see it's development as another important step in our constant quest to make our work more eco-friendly.


We feel like a duck to water
Peter M. S. Petersen