Walls and ceilings

With high-frequency electric wall saws, we cut depths up to 67 cm, e.g. holes for windows, doors, and ventilation. Corner cutting can be avoided by drilling a series of holes in the corners.

Clean cuts and clean work

After completion of the diamond drilling or cutting job we collect the used water and ensure that the waste is disposed of in a responsible manner. For wall cutting, we use 400V/32 amp. power supply. In addition, a water supply must be available.


We are using electric floor saws with diamond blades of all sizes, ranging from 350 mm to 1600 mm, able to cut depths up to 70 cm. When cutting floors with blades less than 600 mm, we use a 380V/16 amp. along side with water. When we are using machines with more than 1000 mm wide diamond blades, like 80V/32 amp., a power supply must be available.

Kristian Hardis - one of the best diamond cutters 

At Brandt Diamant, we are proud of our employees. Not in the least of our diamond cutter, Kristian Hardis.

10 years ago he took an apprenticeship with us and has stayed with us ever since. During his decade, Kristian has cut for clients like Tivoli, Novo, Royal Unibrew and Avedøreværket.

Kristian is also a trained agricultural manager, running his own farm when he is not diamond cutting for us.

Kristian possesses the perfect combination of professionalism, accuracy, speed, and overview to solve even the most difficult tasks.

Cutting gate opening at the Bella Center