We remove old balconies in a safe,
quick, clean, and precise manner

Often it seems more difficult to remove an old balcony than to install a new one.

However, we offer a unique and patented method of balcony dismounting - regardless of sizes and floor level.

The cutting technique is designed to perfection with the use of modern equipment.

We do not need to enter the homes and we take the balcony with us

This unique method allows our experienced diamond cutters to remove balconies in no time. We are in charge from when the blades are set on the balcony and ready to cut until it stands safely on the ground and we take the dismounted balcony with us when we leave.

This technique is also unique in that we do not have to enter any homes at all. All the work will be done from outside.

In addition, we collect the sludge immediately, which results in an extremely clean removal.

Customized to your specific needs we cut very precisely - even flat against the wall. This provides clear access to install a new balcony.

Watch us remove a balcony here.