Wire Cutting

Wire cutting everywhere

Brandt Diamant has a profound experience within wire cutting, a task that we are frequently performing.
A diamond wire is a wire to which diamond segments are attached.

Wire cutting is especially suitable for large concrete structures where cutting with traditional diamond blades cannot be implemented.

Moreover, wire technology is practical for cutting round holes. For this, wires are being placed into a circular saw with a diameter as big as 4-5 meters, depending on the premises.

Low-noise diamond cutting

An additional advantage of using wires is, that the noise level is significantly lower compared to using diamond blades. Only your imagination sets the limit for cutting with diamond wires! If you have a cutting job far from standard, please do not hesitate to contact Brandt Diamant - we will get the job done!

Wire cutting a Ø 1400 mm hole in a 105 cm thick wall

Wire cutting a Ø 1400 mm hole in a 105 cm thick wall