Our history

Brandt Diamant was created when Diavac and Midtsjællands Diamantboring merged in 2003

The name was imminent as the owners are both named Brandt
- even though they do not have the slightest family relationship.

Jeanette was virtually born with a diamond blade in her hand.
Her father Niels Brandt founded Diavac in 1975.
Since 1988 Jeanette Brandt has been employed in the company, so she knows her business.

Bjarne Brandt was originally employed in Diavac.

In 1987 he established Midtsjællands Diamantboring, but continued to co-operate with Diavac until he and Jeanette
merged businesses.

Brandt Diamant is owned and run by the two.

An unique image with cars from the two old companies next to a Brandt Diamant car.